Our customer sent photos of his ageing system; he had identified a leak that was unrepairable. His search began for a new system. We sent photos of similar installs that we had completed recently and some pricing and visited the gentleman on his property to see what options were viable.

AquaMAX 390

We replaced his old tank with a new AquaMAX 390, new tempering valve and isolation taps. The AquaMAX has a stainless steel storage cylinder and excellent 5 star efficiency rating.  We also raised the concrete slab and re-insulated his water pipes as required by plumbing code (Hot Water Plumbing Code VBA Code: 6.10).

The old steel tank was recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Find hot water systems.

  • Above (Image 1) – The old storage system,
  • Above (Image 2) – New AquaMAX 390