Our customer planned his continuous hot water purchase with the knowledge the old unit did not have much life left; he wanted reliability over the Christmas / holiday period. After independently researching units, and with our advice, our customer settled on the convenience of a Rinnai Touch 26 Litre Continuous flow gas hot water system.

Rinnai Touch Infinity

The Rinnai Touch comes standard with a wireless remote water controller, meaning each family member selects their desired temperature without fussing with hot and cold taps; just turn the water on and enjoy showering at the perfect temperature.

The Rinnai Touch is a premium hot water system, it is more expensive than the base builder’s model, however factoring built-in features such as wireless water temperature controller and transceiver, modern looking cover, status monitor, plus the longer warranty, the Rinnai Touch is an excellent and affordable value-added product.

The old storage system has provided great service over the years, however the ageing system had limited life left. This old steel tank will be environmentally recycled to avoid ending up in landfill. See our continuous flow systems.

  • Above (Image 1) – The old storage system,
  • Above (Image 2) – New Rinnai 26 Infinity Touch Continuous Flow.
  • Above (Image 3) – Wireless water Controller.