Our customer contacted us to look at his gas boosted solar systems and investigate a “no hot water” complaint. Solar systems have many components that need to work in harmony together. When a fault develops, it could be a faulty tank, gas booster, tempering valve or tank.

Replacing a Gas Boosted Solar System with a Rinnai B26 Continuous Flow.

Many customers opt to remove the system and replace it with a new continuous flow gas hot water system such as a Rinnai B series or Rheem Metro series.
This type of job does mean that the customer will not have solar boosted hot water so there is a potential there will be a slight increase in their gas account. This needs to be taken into consideration, however a replacement average size standard solar system can retail for over $7000.00 with installation so it’s easy to see why customers opt to remove the old system and install a simple trouble free gas continuous flow hot water system.

In this particular case after many years of service, we discovered that our customer’s gas booster had failed, so after taking into consideration the fact that other components were at the same age and had the potential to become unreliable, our customer made the choice to install a Rinnai B26 (50°C) model.
As you can see from the images, the installation is much simpler with less pipework and valves and it has a much neater appearance. Space has been freed up by removing the tank and hot water flow was drastically improved. See solar to continuous flow options on our specials page.

Other gas continuous systems to consider are the Rheem Metro range and the Thermann R series.

News for 2023In conjunction with Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) we can now offer a $500 rebate offered as a price reduction in Australian Gas Networks and Multinet areas .  No forms for you to fill out, we do the lot.

Another example of keeping hot water simple.