Our customer decided not to use gas anymore as the property has multiple PV solar panels on the roof generating power, so after careful consideration decided on a medium sized electric hot water system.  

The calculated hot water usage was low, so a 160 litre system was chosen and  as the unit’s footprint is small, it fitted nicely into the narrow existing location.

Rheem 160L Storage Electric 1.8 kW

A Rheem 160L Electric Hot Water system was chosen for this installation, it is Australian made and also comes with a 12 year cylinder warranty.  Our customer did not want a complicated heat pump and preferred the simplicity of a reliable element hot water system.  This system will only heat during the day as it is on a timer that can also be overridden.  Just like off peak, however in reverse.  Our customer wanted the PV panels to generate the power for all hot water.  

This type of installation can also be done with a larger capacity cylinder coupled with various ways for the electricity to be used for water heating, so call us for a quote.

The system has a tempering valve fitted so the delivered hot water does not exceed 50°C.  The tempering valve also assists in increasing delivered water volume to around 220L as the water temperature is reduced to a safer level.

Other electric storage systems to consider are Vulcan, Everhot, Rinnai and Thermann.