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Hot Water Repairs

Do you need urgent hot water repairs for your hot water tank or system? The Hot Water Man provides fast and reliable hot water services across Mornington Peninsula, Frankston & South East Melbourne.

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Signs that your hot water system is in need of repair

Some strong indicators of hot water repairs needed include:

  • Temperature varying between hot and cold?
  • Does your tank leak excess amounts of water?
  • Does your system sound or smell strange?
  • Is the cover corroding, hiding potential hazards?
  • Does it look like it’s ready to tip over or fall off the wall?
  • Is rusty coloured water coming out of the tap?

Repairing your hot water system has the following additional benefits:

  • keeps it running efficiently;
  • we can make sure the temperature is set to your liking;
  • ensure that your hot water system is in safe working order; and
  • if it’s an internal unit, we will perform the current Carbon Monoxide testing procedure.

Hot water service may also be required.

Read more about our hot water service procedures here.

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What is in a Repair?

A repair is normally required when a major fault develops or when the system stops working.

It doesn’t matter how old your hot water system is or how new it is, we can attend as soon as possible and provide you with a solution.

We carry common parts in our service vehicles or if it is more cost effective to replace your system, we can liaise with you to provide the best hot water solution for you and your family.  We can repair most makes and models. 

If you have smart phone or tablet, send an uploaded image of the system and if possible, the identification/model details.  This is normally found inside the front door or on one of the sides of the system.

Repair jobs include most aspects of a service as described above with the added task of fault finding and repairing the hot water system.  Most repairs are of a minor nature; however we will always advise you of costs.

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