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Hot water system servicing

Your hot water system should be serviced regularly, ideally every 2 years. Some systems have safety components that also need to be changed at regular intervals.

But let’s face it no one does; we get it, your system is out of sight and out of mind, that is, until it stops and requires full hot water system repairs.

Environment surroundings also affect the reliability of your system (dust, ants and spiders).

A simple service can help provide trouble free dependability to your hot water system.

Most people don’t even think about their hot water system until it lets them down, and normally it’s at the worst time, the weekend or holidays.

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Signs that your hot water system is in need of servicing

Signs vary, but strong indicators include:

  • Does your hot water go hot and cold?
  • Does your tank leak excess amounts of hot water?
  • Does your system not sound or smell right?
  • Is the cover corroding, hiding potential hazards?
  • Is rusty water coming out of your taps?

Servicing your hot water system has the following additional benefits:

  • keeps it running efficiently;
  • we can make sure the temperature is set to your liking;
  • ensure that your hot water system is in safe working order; and
  • if it’s an internal unit, we will perform the current Carbon Monoxide testing procedure.

What is in a hot water service?

  • Firstly we make sure the installation is compliant.
  • Clean burner and pilot if fitted;
  • Check gas pressure is correct and adjust if required;
  • Inspect and clean combustion fan, if fitted;
  • Inspect ignition systems and clean;
  • Clean water filter, if fitted;
  • Test flame failure device system and operation time;
  • Inspect pressure relief valves, operate and flush;
  • Clean and remove dust, rust, insects and spider webs out of the unit; and
  • Advise of any obvious maintenance issue which may be present.
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