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    Hot water systems
    Continuous flow (Tankless)

    Hot water systems

    AquaMax Storage

    “Premium Australian made hot water systems. Some models available with stainless steel storage cylinders and longer warranties. Available in various storage capacities and extremely energy efficient.

    AquaMax Storage - The Hot Water Man Mornington Peninsula

    Dux Prodigy - The Hot Water Man Mornington Peninsula

    Dux Prodigy
    • 4.2 star or higher efficiency rating
    • Market leader in 1st hour capacity & recovery rates
    • 7 year tank warranty
    Rinnai Storage

    The Hotflo model is capable of providing hot water to multiple points throughout your property at once, using mains pressure to deliver a consistent and even flow. The LP and natural gas models come complete with either a 135 or 170 litre storage capacity and are optimised for efficient gas consumption, helping to reduce the level of energy usage without any loss in safety or performance.

    Rinnai Storage

    Understanding tank systems

    How tank systems work

    Tank systems hold a certain water volume.

    As the hot water is drawn away from the hot water system, cold water replaces it and the thermostat comes on.

    The burner fires up until the set temperature is reached.

    The process repeats throughout the day or when the tank temperature drops or cools off.

    Tank system materials

    Storage tanks are made out of two common types of materials, steel which has a certain lining or stainless steel.

    Sometimes steel tanks are referred to as glass lined or vitreous enamel lined.

    Choosing a tank system

    Stainless steel tanks are suited to better qualities of water such as Melbourne tap water. They sometimes have a superior design structure that utilises the gas in a more efficient manner. These will quite often have a higher star rating.

    Once the tank capacity has been used a reheating period is required.

    Simple tip

    Tanksize ÷ shower head litres per minute (example 10 L/min) = shower time.

    Example: 150 ÷ 10 = 15 minutes approximately, per heating cycle. (Approximate guide only)

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    Continuous flow (tankless)

    Benefits of continuous flow

    • There is no tank, just a component called a heat exchanger.
    • When the tap is turned on the hot water system ignites the gas and heats the water.

    They are ideal for holiday houses or family homes where demand is at the same time of the day. They are generally mounted higher up on the wall, great for freeing up space where space is at a premium.

    Temperature controllers

    Many systems can have temperature controllers added.  At the touch of a button you can set the water temperature you want.

    These controllers are normally sold as an extra, although some manufacturers such as Rinnai sell a package combination. For example, the Rinnai Infinity Touch comes with the system and wireless water controller/s.

    Hot water supply is endless

    A continuous flow (or tankless) system is one that provides your home with continuous hot water. The hot water supply is endless no matter how many people are simultaneously using baths or showers. These systems are simply ideal for houses with large families or even commercial applications such as gymnasiums, training facilities or hotels, etc.

    Deluxe Bathroom Water Controllers

    Ideal for households that have spa baths or standard baths; simply set the desired water temperature/volume and the system turns the water flow off when the pre set volume is reached. An audible message will be heard advising that the bath is full. These are perfect for the water conscious. The example shown is for a Rinnai system however other manufacturers also have similar controllers. These are optional accessories and are purchased separately.

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