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Hot water system installation

The Hot Water Man works to provide qualified and trusted services to customers throughout the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne’s South East.

There is no one better for fast, efficient and cost-effective hot water unit installations or replacements, with all services backed by a 6-year quality workmanship guarantee

With more than 30 years’ experience in hot water, local customers know they can always turn to The Hot Water Man (Geoff) for qualified services time and time again. Geoff is a reliable, licensed and experienced professional, and holds specialised manufacturer training, meaning he can provide expert services on units and systems from a range of top-level brands.

The Hot Water Man provides next-level customer support even after the job is finished, helping you to identify and resolve any and all issues you may be having with your hot water system.

For professional hot water installation and friendly, personalised customer service, make sure you call The Hot Water Man today for a free and competitive quote.

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We aim to keep hot water simple

There will come a time and you need a new hot water system. Please call us for advice and we will offer the best solution to suit your needs. There are several reasons we believe we have the optimal solution:

  • We will always recommend a gas hot water system as we believe they are more reliable and efficient compared to other systems on the market.

  • We are independent and not tied to a manufacturer so we will recommend a storage or continuous flow system that suits your requirements and budget.

You may also like to change over from your old electric hot water system to a new gas hot water system. Currently rebates are available. We can advise what rebates are available and we can assist you with your new gas connection. Call to discuss on 0438 383 764.

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All installations are installed by a licensed plumber, complete with a Certificate of Compliance, which is your guarantee that the installation is legal.

We environmentally dispose of the old unit, pipe and packaging. Where possible, most of this material gets recycled.