Our customer called us because his old heat pump had developed a water leak and needed urgent replacement. The old system was also leaning quite badly so this issue had to be resolved as well.
We like to install quality hot water systems so for this particular job a Rheem Ambiheat 270 was chosen. It is an Australian made heat pump made by Rheem, it has a simple user interface that allows the customer to custom set time periods for reheating so power generated by rooftop PV can be utilised.

After draining the system we then stabilised the ground with crushed rock, then installed a concrete base and levelled. We then installed a poly base on top of that so the base of the system is well drained.

We replaced the associated plumbing, valves, lagging and tidied up the installation overall.

As you can see the installation is much improved. A nice clever feature of the Ambiheat is the removable magnetic plastic cover that shields the digital control panel from the sun and weather. With many cheap imported units, the control panel is exposed to the harsh Australian elements and fails prematurely.

The Rheem Ambiheat is backed by Rheem Australia, they have been manufacturing systems in Australia for over 80 years. The Ambiheat is the result of many years of field testing and has been on the market for quite a while, so it has the runs on the board.

Rheem Ambiheat 270

The Rheem Ambiheat 270 Heat Pump