Our customer had an old gas continuous flow for their large house. Unfortunately the existing system was too far away from the bathrooms. It took a minute for hot water to arrive. We recommended splitting the hot water piping in the house into two areas, meaning another hot water for the bathroom region. We call this “point of use hot water”. A newer gas continuous system was retained for the existing kitchen as it was extremely close.

Our customer already had a large array of Photovoltaic panels (PV) on the house roof generating more than enough excess power to supply an electric hot water system. One prerequisite our customer had was the new system had to be electric, and not a heat pump. We advised our customer that Rheem makes a premium range of stainless steel conventional element based hot water systems under their “Everhot” trade brand. Actually Everhot is an extremely old brand in the hot water market, dating back to early last century.

Everhot 315L stainless steel (By Rheem)

A 315L Everhot stainless steel (By Rheem) electric storage hot water system was chosen. These are locally made by Rheem in Moorabbin, Victoria. Did you know? Stainless steel electric systems are more efficient than conventional glass lined steel varieties.

You would think that’s the end of the install. Not so! Our customer added an electronic control system made by “Power Diverter”. In simple terms, this product calculates how much PV power is being sent back to the grid and instead diverts excess power to the hot water system which really now becomes a “battery of stored energy” you could say.


Power Diverter makes various systems that control power usage for standard electric hot water systems.
The beauty of this system is that it is still conventional electric tank based. It is simple and quiet. The Power Diverter business has excellent customer support and they are based in Australia.
We are finding conventional electric hot water is making a huge resurgence now that customers can generate and control their own power.

Our customer now has around 520 litres of 40 – 42 DegC shower temperature water available, more than enough for when the family come down at Christmas holidays.

PowerDiverter With App

Simple and easy to install Powerdiverter suitable for internal fitting.


Everhot (By Rheem) 315L

Reece Everhot

Alternative  recommended system   

Rheem Stellar Stainless Electric Water Heater 315L